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Standard Consumer Credit Act conditions apply –

Terms and conditions

247 Technologies cc is the registered owner of all Sabre Licensed Software solutions, programs and modules pertaining to Time and Attendance and Access Control systems listed on the website .

The paragraph numbers listed below in these Terms and Conditions relate to the corresponding numbers on the
"The most affordable Time and Attendance solution tailored individually for YOUR Company!!!"advertisement.

  • Sabre Biometric device or RF-ID Tag reader;  devices shown above are only a sample of products available All Sabre hardware devices reflected on the advertisement as well as contained on the Sabrebiometrics website may be supplied to the client.

  • Although in the majority of cases new devices will be supplied, depending on the circumstances of the client regarding their credit rating or request for a more cost-effective solution, 247 reserves the right to supply refurbished or demonstration units; in all cases the client will be advised in writing the nature of the device being supplied;

  • A security deposit may be requested from the client in certain circumstances where they have adverse credit ratings; this will be negotiated by 247 and the client on a case by case basis;

  • Where the client desires the supply of the S922 GPRS unit reflected as part of their solution required, 247 reserves the right to charge a security deposit  to off-set the cost of the device.

  • In all cases where device/devices are supplied to the client , the client will take ownership of the device/devices at the end of the 36 month period of the agreement.

  • Sabre software solution;  FULL version through to any payroll or pay slip, or  choose the stand alone-payroll Sabre software solution;  Sabre payrol or payslip or the option of integration into any other payrol providing the client has first established with 247 that this is possible; major payrols such as VIP and Pastel, Talenger and Donkerhoek are some payrols applicable. Integration into others may be possible but confirmed on request.

  • Installation by Sabre or DIY installation using the client’s I.T. service provider. Installation of Sabre hardware and/or software can be carried out by the client or the IT service provider of the client, supported by 247 remotely in respect of all technical support and training either via telephone from the side of the client or by remote internet support by 247 using  applications such as Team Viewer. Should the client request that 247 or any of its agents conduct an on-site visit to the premises of the client then the mandatory call out fee will apply but all installation and training and after sales support will be supplied free of charge. Should the client be outside of a 50 kilometre radius of the premises of 247 or the agent tasked with call-out then such agent of 247 will supply in writing the exact cost of the call-out fee.

  • Unlimited technical support and/or training onsite or via remote desktop or telephonic with either the client or their I.T service provider. The hours of support from the technical staff of the 247 call centre are from 8 am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays. This includes all enquiries regarding installation, training and problem solving relating to the Sabre hardware or software programs. Telephone support must be initiated by the client but internet support can be supplied by 247 call centre via Team Viewer.

  • Repair / Replacement of hardware with factory warrantee for the full period of the agreement. This free repair or replacement of the device supplied to the client will exclude the shipping costs from the client to either the premises of 247 or the factory in Pretoria and the shipping costs back to the client for such services or replacement.

  • Sabre software upgrades, updates and support through to any payroll or Sabre PaySlip. 247 will supply all software upgrades applicable to the program chosen by the client, all updates and technical support of the software right through to any payroll or the Sabre Payslip. This includes the constant updating of tax tables and other statutory requirement data to ensure client compliancy.

  • Internet Cloud solution for internet and GPRS based devices (extra costs apply) and are included with a browser interface. Internet services such as ADSL access and cell phone data collection are able to be used by the client but sim card and data purchases are for the account of the client.

  • A total of 36 equal payments  are payable and then the hardware belongs to the client. Should the client been required by 247 to pay a security deposit of any amount then this will be deducted from the total amount payable by the client over the 36 month period of the agreement and the monthly payments will be then be divided equally into the balance due and payable. For example should the client be paying R500 per month for 36 months totalling R18 000 and the security deposit required is R3 000 then it can be shown as R18 000 minus R3 000 equals R15 000 divided by 36 equals R416.66c per month for 36 months.

  • A mandatory call- out fee of R1000 is required for each physical onsite visit by a technician in your area to attend to all free installations, training and after sales support. Although the actual installation, training and after- sales service is free to the client there is a nominal mandatory call-out fee charged for each time a physical on-site visit is requested by the client for a a technician from either 247 or an agent of 247 in the area in the client is situated.  This R1 000 fee is in respect of a radius of 50 kms from the offices of 247 or the agent. Any further distance over the 50 kilometre radius will require the client to be given a quotation in writing which the client will be requested to also confirm acceptance in writing.

  • Shipping to and from the client of hardware is excluded and charged extra at only R100 each way to any main centre in South Africa; outlying districts can be quoted individually. 247 has an agreement with UTI Sun Couriers to deliver hardware to all parts of South Africa and beyond at extremely competitive rates. Should the client request to use their own courier service and collect from the offices of 247 then a credit of R100 will be given to the client. In all cases the client must pay any shipping amounts due to 247 before the goods are shipped, whether as a result of a new deal between 247 and the client or for any shipment in respect of the repair/replace policy contained in paragraph 5 above.

  • Optional hardware insurance of R100 per month. This covers anything outside of the warrantee, vandalism, theft, lightning or force majeure etc.

  • Optional access control installation if required. 247 also specializes in Sabre Access Control solutions where clients require these. Sabre hardware products can simultaneously operate to provide access control functionality and submit time and attendance data to the Sabre software program. 247 can supply quotations on request which include slave readers, strike or magnetic locks, door closures and release buttons and other accessories required. The installation for access control systems can be quoted on separately to the time and attendance system or together with it.

  • Vat is excluded from all pricing quoted and Terms and Conditions appy as seen on

  • The above clauses refer to an agreement in relation to one Sabre hardware device with software to be installed at the premises of the client. Should more than one device be required for installation on the same site then 247 will quote the client for their particular needs. There will be no extra monthly charge for the software. Should the client require the hardware and software to be installed on another site then applicable charges will be levied.  

  • Outright purchase of Sabre solutions. Where a client requests a solution other than that referred to in clauses 1 to 13 above, they may opt to purchase the hardware and software outright. This can be quoted on an individual basis and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client.

  • Technical support fees. The client can opt to pay;

  • R100 per month with a downgrade of Sabre to the basic version, this is regardless of number of staff or devices using the system, and ideal for Access control and smaller business who don’t need full Time and Attendance solutions.

  • Monthly fees based on the number of staff as follows: up to 25 staff members R250 per month, 26 to 50 staff members R10 per staff member per month, 51 to 500 staff members a flat rate of R500 per month and from the 501 st staff member onwards R1 per staff member per month. The client is to pay via debit order on the 1 st or 14 th of each month in advance. Should the client default on any payment through such payment being reversed by the bank then the client shall be liable for all costs incurred for the reinstatement of that debit and all successive amounts which may be rejected through insufficient funds or for any other reason whatsoever.

  • Technical ad-hoc off-site support of R800 per call is available either via internet or telephonically to the 247 call centre. The duration of such call will be a maximum of one hour or part thereof and will necessitate the client providing the 247 call centre with an official order number. Should 247 subsequently invoice the client for such technical support and the client does not pay such invoice within 14 days of receipt of the invoice, 247 reserves the right to withdraw or place the licence of the client on hold until payment has been made. Subsequent legal actions to recover such outstanding monies may also be instituted at the discretion of 247.

  • FREE2USE option is only available to new clients of Sabre, once upgraded to PAY2USE you cannot revert back to FREE2USE.

  • FREE2USE option time and attendance; should a client opt for the free use of the Sabre time and attendance software he/she must still be registered as a user by completing the client registration form. The client may then use the Sabre software program up to and including the use of the Sabre payslip and for integration into another payroll system such as VIP or Pastel etc.

  • FREE2USE option payroll only; should a client opt for the free use of the Sabre standalone payroll he /she will be upgrade to make use of the Sabre time and attendance program Combined option of time and attendance and payroll; should the client require to use both options simultaneously then he/she will have to move to the option of monthly payments based on clause C (a) above.  

  • FREE2USE options of Sabre Time and Attendance/Sabre Payroll when obtained through a 247 Channel partner, distributor or Sabre reseller will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The client must be registered with Sabre by completing a client registration form and ticking the appropriate box for the free-2-Use version of Sabre.   

  • The client allows Sabre and 247 Technologies to send e-mails of new products and upgrades to their e-mail address.

  • The client acknowledges that they have the use of the FREE2USE Sabre time and attendance/access control programs as a demo version and as a test open-source philosophy program introduced by Sabre Biometrics and 247. This program depending on the expected and anticipated response by the market will result in it either being left as a free-2-Use product or a Pay-2-Use one. The client accepts that he/she has read this clause in the terms and conditions and unequivocally accepts this condition. 247 and Sabre biometrics reserve the right to change their offer to the market at any time but with a 30 day notice period to the client to avoid any unnecessary disruption that may arise as a result of the client not wishing to agree to any new PAY2USE option offered to them by 247 or Sabre Biometrics.

  • The above FREE2USE licence issued as referred to in clauses 1 to 3 above is limited to communication to one biometric device only. Any and every subsequent device that is required to be communicated to will incur a communication module fee of R500.

  • Collection of outstanding fees or other amounts due to 247 from the client

  • Should a client be invoiced by 247 for any products, devices, accessories , software or other services supplied by 247 to the client and fail to pay for such services within the stipulated time agreed upon between 247 and the client, or in any case within a period of 30days from the sending of the invoice from the offices of 247 then 247 shall send an e-mail requesting the client to pay each and all outstanding invoices due and outstanding within a period of 14 days from the date of the email being sent from the office of 247.  Should the client not pay these amounts outstanding in full then 247 reserves the right to hand over collection of all monies due and payable to 247 by the client to a company known as Accountability?

  • Client to sign on behalf of the company and in his/her private capacity

  • When a client signs any document whether in his/her capacity as a director, member or employee of the company which they represent they do so also in their personal capacity as responsible for such debt. Unless specifically noted to the contrary in writing the client is accepted as the responsible party by 247 if he or she signs such document or client registration form and is thus liable for all monies due and payable by the company to 247 for products, accessories, software, installation, training or technical support or other services provided by 247 or its agents to the client.

  • Litigation

  • In the event of 247 having to take any action to recover any monies from clients who have not honoured their agreements or contracts in terms of any documents or client registration forms that they have signed then the client agrees that any litigation which ensues between 247 and/or Accountability on the one side and the client on the other will be held in the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court Pinetown in the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The terms and conditions as referred to above include all clients in South Africa, SADC countries and all other countries throughout Africa.

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