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Questions and Answers of what Sabre can do for you.

What version of Sabre software do you require

FREE4LIFE Basic version of Sabre Basic Access control and/or Basic attendance
, first in last out and total hours, NO Normal Time, Over time etc. can NOT go through to a payroll, this is an upgrade

FREE2USE Full version of Sabre Full Access Control and/or Full Time and Attendance through to pay slip or any payroll. No monthly fees, only annual fees to cover licensing, upgrades and updates to software. Ad-hoc support charged per call.

PAY2USE Full version of Sabre Full Access Control and/or Full Time and Attendance through to pay slip or any payroll. Affordable monthly fee, no annual fees, includes  licensing, upgrades and updates to software and unlimited remote desktop support.

Basic questions
Use of software

  • Will Sabre be used for Basic T&A / Full T&A (NT,OT,OT1, PPH, SGPPH, Shift allowances etc.), Export to Payroll, or Sabre Payroll, Residential, Job Costing, Basic Access, Full Access (Recommended for more than 2 devices, and/or more than 25 people)

  • Staff / Tenants Maximum number of active staff or tenants who would use the Sabre system at any one time, deleted, terminated, inactive people excluded.

  • Seats How many administrators will you require to use Sabre

  • Cloud / Local / Flash Would you have biometric devices, on site, at remote sites, real-time hand held portable devices, or make use of flash disks for data collection ?

  • Payroll If using another payroll other than Sabre, what is it and are your payroll numbers alpha numeric, or just numbers?

Please note that all rules below can be set-up globally for all staff, and then be changed on an individual level to suit that individual’s agreement.

Sabre software options and modules

  • Sabre basic clock card function and/or basic access (only recommended for less than 25 staff)

  • Sabre lite version, (ideal for FULL Access control, basic T&A, many devices, and/or users). More functionality than basic.

  • Sabre Full Time and Attendance, questions below will cover functionality

  • Sabre Full access control, questions below will cover functionality

  • Sabre stand-alone payroll with no time and attendance

  • Sabre job costing

  • Sabre Rostering

  • Sabre residential management system

  • Sabre License plate recognition to open booms or gates, or just asset tracking.

  • Sabre One Finger stand alone, individual management system for mines, nabourhood watch, farms etc. Most modules support the generation of an SAPS report including scanned finger prints so you can send information to the SAPS at a click of a button including Case logging.

  • Sabre using one shared database can work with multiple companies having their own rights and settings independently of each other with only seeing their own staff.

  • Sabre can be run as a single company with multiple branches, cost centres, departments etc.

  • Sabre admin / user rights can be setup so that an administrator can only see, change, add, make changes to a selection of departments, or individuals. Full rights and auditing of any change is compulsory.

  • Sabre needs to know your specific pay cycles, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Which options do you need to use.

  • Need to export to another payroll such as VIP, Pastel, Payday, Dr Smash, People Plus, LabourNet, IQ, AccSys, Talenger, Simple Pay, QuicBooks, Sabre or another, please highlight or specify if not listed.

  • Would you like to run your permanent staff in another payroll such as VIP and casual staff in Sabre, or use any combination of 2 of the above payrolls

  • If a person clocks in but not out, would you like the system to automatically clock them out according to their shift times, this is audited.

  • Which of the following would you like to work out. Normal Time, Overtime, Saturday Time, Sunday Time, Worked Paid Public Holidays, System generated paid public holidays.

  • Can we have a list of your overtime rates for OT1, OT2, SAT, Sun PPH etc, (time and a half , double time etc)

  • Overtime worked out when more than x hours worked, per day, per week, per month

  • Would you like to disable any overtime for specific employees

  • Would you like to reflect select people as not employees so that their data does not show up in any reporting, such as owners and management?

  • Would you like to specify that no overtime is paid unless your staffs have been there for more than a number of minutes or hours after the end of their shift time. This gives then pack up time reflected as their own time.

  • A fixed monthly number of hours, with a calculation of overtime worked on any given day and short time for any given day.

  • Would you like to use the Sabre leave management module to work out paid / unpaid leave, sick leave etc. (All leave types)

  • Would you like the leave to be sent through to your payroll, only available if your payroll such as VIP supports this function?

  • Would you like to calculate a Night Shift allowance, during what ours would you like to pay an allowance? (e.g. between 6pm-6am)

  • Would you like Night Shift Allowance only to be on selected days of the week?

  • Would you like to make use of a special shift allowance, where an employee gets paid extra if they work a specific shift.

  • Would you like to keep online notes against employees for discipline, attendance, or general, you can also make your own categories.  

  • You will need to setup calendar periods for Shifts, Weekly Paid, Fortnightly Paid, and monthly paid. Which options do you need of these?

  • When selecting the above in 11, when a shift covers two periods, would you like to bring time worked into the previous week, week ahead or split at midnight.

  • Would you like to invoke a strict start time or strict end time to hours worked, there are a host of rules regarding this rule including rounding on late comer’s please ask for details.

  • Do you want your staff to clock in and out for breaks and deduct away time from their hours worked.

  • Do you want to just deduct an amount of time you don’t pay for as your staff doesn’t clock out for lunch.

  • Would you like to setup expiries on select employees or contractors after a period of time on your premises.

  • Would you like to capture documents into Sabre such as certification, linked to expiry dates when this certification should be renewed?

  • Setting up of shifts and shift schedules is simple

  • Would you like to make use of the Sabre flexi time feature because your staff don’t work specific shift or you have contactors on site and don’t know when they will be on site. Strict start time will still work with this feature which means that you can setup start times against on shift and the system will round up to these start times.

  • Would you like to use Sabre to setup and print your access cards if used, for visitors and/or staff.

  • Would you like Sabre to manage your access control and/or time and attendance devices.

  • Would you like to record Vehicle information against an employee

Sabre Payroll functions – these can be used with or without using an external payroll.

  • Define rates of pay from Shifts, Departments or single pay rates per individual

  • Rates of pay for daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

  • Define overtime pay, Time, Time and half, Double time etc. for all categories including public holidays.

  • Range of payslip options, A4, 10 to a page etc.

  • Customised logos, within Sabre and payroll.

  • Company contributions

  • Debits for union fees, allowances etc.

  • Deduction from the advances paid by company to staff, with advances management tool

  • Allowances for tools, uniforms etc.

  • Full leave management and monitory calculation related to this.

  • Payroll History

  • Service History

Hardware supported with Sabre

  • Biometric recognition hardware around 40+ devices and form different manufacturer’s, but works best with more functionality with the Sabre brand.

  • Fingerprint readers

  • Facial readers

  • Vein Readers

Sabre features regarding hard used.

  • Clock IN / OUT but use of clock buttons, always IN / OUT, Toggle were Sabre manages the clocking’s.

  • Automated downloads of clocking’s on select readers only, and from Sabre cloud.

  • No third party software required to talk with hardware all done within sabre.

  • The only software that works from enrolment of fingers, through to pay slip, all within one application.

Communication methods supported

  • TCP/IP

  • USB Flash Disk

  • USB Cable Connect

  • RS232 / RS485

  • Sabre Cloud, using any internet connection, 3G, WiFi, ADSL, Fibre, Satalite etc.

Additional modules supported.

  • Sabre License plate recognition engine, and Carmen engine

  • Supports any digital scanner for document management with a TWAIN driver.

  • Support enrolment readers from PC for fingers and RF-ID cards and deploys to readers automatically based on rights setup for each employee, tenant.

  • Supports any PC Web Cam to take photo of employees for record purposes, reports and ID card printing.

Sabre supports all windows operating systems from windows XP to Windows 10, and also the Sabre database can be run from a Linux platform.

Sabre also provides FREE offsite backups of configuration and data as oftern as you wish.

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