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The most affordable Time and Attendance solution for YOUR Company!!!
Sabre is a national service provider

Contact us for full price list and or multi-reader options.
A complete solution through to Payroll or Pay Slip. No hidden costs! Contact us for pricing and details.

1. Pay an affordable monthly fee, which covers all licensing, software upgrades, updates, and unlimited remote desktop support.
Supports the Sabre biometric devices or RF-ID Tag readers; the devices shown above are only a sample of  all Sabre products available.
. Sabre software solution through to any payroll or pay slip or choose the Sabre stand alone-payroll.
. Installation by Sabre or the client or by using the client’s I.T. service provider.
. Free unlimited remote technical support and/or training on-site support supplied at a discounted rate for PAY2USE clients. Let us support the client directly or their I.T service provider.
5. Repair / Replacement of hardware with factory warrantee for the full 36 month period.
. Internet Cloud solution for internet and GPRS based devices (only data costs apply) and includes a browser interface.

Hardware plus software rental option available with a 36 month rental agreement.

Costs not included in the above:

9) PAY2USE Repair/Replace policy, pay a fixed swap out cost for imediate exchange on faulty equipment.
10) Shipping to and from the client for hardware is excluded.
11) Optional hardware insurance at cost
per month per device.
12) Optional access control installation quotation if required.
13) Terms and Conditions apply as reflected on
14) A credit check is mandatory at a once- off cost for terms

For any further information please contact
0870210103 or email

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