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PAY2USE Licensing
Only available to new clients
Sabre Software Programs to suit every client large or small!

Why Sabre?

  • Sabre biometrics hardware and software products have been developed in South Africa since 2000 and are used both in Government and across the business sector in thousands of locations in all types of office, factory or remote sites. See to find a full list of existing client.

What is unique?
Clients are able to choose from a solution that is tailored to meet their particular environment, staff complement and pocket (no hardware required):-

  • FREE2USE Basic software solution with free upgates for life, no upfront cost and/or license fees ever.

  • PAY2USE Standalone computerised Time and Attendance software with full reporting

  • PAY2USE Standalone complete Sabre Payroll through to pay slip including Leave management

Upgrade options

  • Upgrade from FREE2USE basic version to the Full Version with either the PAY2USE Licensing , or PAY2USE Support(with unlimited support) agreement. Full Time and Attendance software through to Sabre Payroll or any other existing payroll such as VIP or Pastel

  • Add a simple PC connected USB Biometric Fingerprint reader.
  • Utilise a standalone USB connected device, or networked TCP/IP devices or supplied as portable units for GPRS data collection and cloud solutions from remote sites
  • Select hardware that supports access control to work simultaneously with the time and attendance system. (See price list for pricing)
  • Use exsiting hardware supplied from other suppliers, only pay for a communication module ar R550 per device.

What is PAY2USE Licensing vs PAY2USE Support ?

  • Clients have the option to have PAY2USE Licensing software with no monthly fees and pay only for ad-hoc support, for licensing including upgrades and fixes. Alternatively the client has the option to have the affordable PAY2USE Supportoption and have unlimited free support, as well as upgrades and updates and the benifit of our repair/replace and insurance options on their hardware.:-

What is the cost?

  • FREE2USE no registration fee if hardware supplied by Sabre, and includes one month of FREE support, no monthly or annual fees attached, and unlimmited software updates.

  • PAY2USE Licensing can attract a once off upgrade / registration fee dependant on the deal, but has no monthly fees attached.

  • PAY2USE Licensing Standalone Sabre time and attendance – this solution does not need any hardware device and employees can book themselves in or out at the computer. This version will supply the basic clockings individually or collectively. The only cost is an affordable annual fee for software upgrades, updates and licensing.

  • PAY2USE Standalone Sabre payroll - which can produce a Sabre Payslip. The only cost is an annual fee for software upgrades, updates and licensing.

  • Should you wish to combine the Time and Attendance and Payroll together, cost will apply based on PAY2USE Support services.

  • Should you wish to connect any hardware to the software a cost per device will apply for the communication module, however this will not apply should be purchased from Sabre.

  • Should a client require cloud services for GPRS or remote internet access to equipment from remote sites an upgrade is required to the PAY2USE services.

  • At any stage upgrade your product to a PAY2USE product and unlimited technical support will apply at no extra cost.

What if technical support and /or training is required?

  • Ad-hoc remote desktop and / or on-site support / training from the Sabre staff is charged at R800 per hour.

  • A call out fee will apply for any on-site services. This fee covers a 50 kilometre radius of the office of Sabre or a Sabre approved Technician in the area in which the client resides. For any further distance the client will be quoted beforehand and if not from a Sabre office then the client will pay the visiting technician directly. All installation and on-site training and set-up required is free.

  • Upgrade to PAY2USE Support and these on-site costs are discounted.

Should at any time you elect to upgrade to a PAY2USE clients, we would consider your account for a credited and you may be credit on all outstanding bills based on PAY2USE rates.

Existing client base grown over past 13 years

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